Training Needs

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We envision a minimum of 36 months for an indigenous reproductive church to be planted. For this to be implemented successfully, our training is distributed over the same period of time. Previously, we trained and then deployed the church planters. From the feedback we have received from the church planters and their supervisors, we have decided to adopt the distributed training model. While this has increased our cost, it has also reduced the quantum of time taken to plant a church. In addition, it has facilitated periodic research and ensured developments as a result of our research findings.

Training costs us $1800 per person per batch. In every batch, we conduct 6 training events spread over 36 months. Each training event is 2 weeks in duration. We bring experts in their respective fields to train our church planters. There is an interval of 6-7 months between each training event, during which the church planters experiment their learning. In the very first phase of training, we introduce our ministry philosophy, particularly our drive towards indigeneity and reproductivity. A monthly support of $50 for a period of 36 months will help us meet the training costs of one church planter.

Every year, our target is to train 150 church planters in South Asia. Accordingly, our annual training budget is $90,000. Perhaps, the Lord leads you to support this endeavor and if you would like to know more about our training events, please contact us at

To send us your support, please make your contribution in favor of REAP International Inc. and mail it to PO Box 10484, Knoxville, TN. To give click the button below.

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