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Addressing social concerns is a tertiary commitment of ours and therefore usually does not exceed 15% of our annual expenditure. We indulge in addressing selective social needs particularly in remote regions that are not under the radar of other establishments. Over time these select endeavors require us to create basic infrastructure. Currently there are 2 projects that requires our immediate investment.

Springbuds – Shihapumi: caters to child development of abandoned children. At Shihapumi, our project is located on a hill exposed to the devasting winds of north east India. To keep our expenses to the bare minimum, we built temporary sheds out of bamboo to house our children and staff. Because of repeated destruction of these sheds by the ghastly winds, we decided to build a concrete structure in 2012. This new structure will house classrooms, toilets, offices and staff quarters. The total cost of this project is $180,000 (USD/CAD/AUD). This is being achieved in 7 phases in the next 6 years. We have just completed the first phase and have begun working on the second. We have thus far raised close to $10,000 towards this project. We wait upon the Lord for the remainder.

Springbuds – Dimapur: When our children in the remote Shihapumi site complete grade 4, they get moved to Dimapur for middle and high school education. At Dimapur, we currently house them at our ACPL center. By 2015, we plan to build an exclusive housing quarter for our children to stay. The budgeted cost of this project is $60,000 (USD/CAD/AUD).
EduQuench: is a project initiated to quench people’s thirst for a better life from the clutches of poverty by means of basic education. Edu Quench initiative essentially caters to childrens education up to high school. Click here to know more
ProQuest: As the name indicates, is REAP’s strategy to bring about gifted professionals in the fields of engineering, medicine, business administration, finance & accounting, etc. to present opportunities to people below poverty line on the one hand and on the other hand to reinforce its quest for self sustenance. Click here to know more

Perhaps, the Lord leads you to support this endeavor, please contact Sarah Glass ( If you would like to know more about our social concern needs, please contact Samuel (

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