Chan Williams – Coordinator, Documentary Project: Chan Williams
Chan is the documentary coordinator for REAP. Chan picked up his first professional digital camera in 2007 and fell instantly in love. Through college classes, workshops and much self-education, he quickly became proficient at the art and subtleties of “painting with light”. But at the end of 2008 something happened that changed Chan’s life forever; he encountered the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Through many failures and much grace, God has taught Chan to be able to see more and more through Christ’s eyes, and the importance of pursuing His desires.
From the beginning, Chan has had a passion for portraiture and people that has evolved into a love of documentary photography. Having been introduced to filmmaking several years earlier, it was a natural transition for him to pick up a video camera in 2013 to allow him to tell someone’s story in a way that a still camera wouldn’t allow. Chan’s love of photography and storytelling, and his passion to pursue Christ has led him to his current projects: a documentary for BBCM (Bible Believing Churches and Missions) in India and Southeast Asia, and one for the Autism Open Door Project in Tennessee, along with several ongoing photography projects.

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