REAP International, Inc. is a ministry God has raised up in the United States to partner with indigenous ministries in South Asia, especially India.

REAP (Reproducing Evangelists And Pastors) is a vital link between the church in the western hemisphere with the church(es) in Asia. REAP does have a board of directors comprised of pastors and businessmen both from the United States as well as India who are familiar with mission work and provide one layer of accountability to churches and mission organizations in South Asia. We closely partner with BBCM India, headquartered in Bangalore.

VISION AND GOALS: REAP exists for the purpose of promoting, in every way possible, the sacred scriptures of the Christian faith, the worship of the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and particularly our Lord Jesus Christ, to preach, proclaim, publish, make known, distribute, and disseminate, by oral, written, or other means, the gospel and the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to organize groups of believers in the United States of America and South Asia, particularly in the country of India, for the purpose of joining together, publicly or privately, for the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And further, for the strictly educational purposes of educating and teaching in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and in the doctrines of the sacred scriptures of the Christian faith, to create and maintain churches and schools, and to reproduce such instructions in written, recorded or electronic form, for distribution to both present and prospective believers in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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