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Spring Buds as the name suggests was a project initiated to bring about child development in the socially remote and economically deprived regions of South Asia. The first institution under this project was started in January 2008 in Wozhu, a remote village in the north-eastern Hills of India. The north-eastern hills of India have for long been under the political abuse of militant invasions and the economic abuse of drug warlords. In addition, tribalism has contributed to its share of violence and non-cooperation among the inhabitants of the region. Evil cultural practices such as “head hunting” are also common in many remote villages of the region. Its geographical location (Bangladesh to the East, Myanmar to the West and China to the North), makes it difficult for the central government of India to effectively provide for and develop the region.
nullThe Springbuds School was started with a vision to not only bring about child development but also to bring Jesus into the hearts of all the children that attend the school. Springbuds was initiated to reach out to children in the remote areas of the region, raise them in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ, bring them together to from different tribes and castes inorder to reconcile their troubled and hurting past and to rear them into skilled citizens that would demonstrate Christian character and Godly attitude towards responsibility.
Since our scale of operation is restricted to remote parts of North-East India, where no other agencies work, our cost of operations constantly challenge us. At present, we need $60 per child per month to provide their basic needs as well as educate them with a regionally accredited schooling curriculum.

To send us your support, please make your contribution in favor of REAP International Inc. and mail it to PO Box 10484, Knoxville, TN. To give click the button below.

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