Special Needs

As we focus on our primary purpose of planting reproducing indigenous churches, there are several needs that arise both directly and indirectly affecting our primary purpose. At present, we are in need of the following:

1. Accumulated Budget Deficits: At present we have an accumulated budget deficit of close to $100,000 (USD/CAD/AUD). This has restricted our annual targets and reduced our momentum in certain strategic locations. We are trusting God to make up for this deficit in 2014.
2. Additional staffing requirements: One of the consequences of the budget deficit is our inability to employ adequate human resources. We need four strategic key leaders (SKL) for our 100 church plants initiative in central India. To meet this need on an annual basis, $32,000 (USD/CAD/AUD) needs to be raised. We are also in need of an Academic Dean to administer our training school – ACPL. To meet this need, we require $8000 (USD/CAD/AUD) annually.
3. Enhancing our missiological resources: One of our distinctives, is the missiological approach to church planting. From our experience in the last 19 years, we have learnt that missiologically trained church planters fare better on the field than those that are not. While biblical and theological resources are widely available, one has to travel overseas to avail missiological resources. It is for this reason that we have endeavored to build ACPL’s library in Bangalore into a missiological resource center. On an annual basis, we need $10,000 (USD/CAD/AUD) to add books, journals, periodicals, electronic resources and online subscriptions to web-based sources.
4. Basic infrastructural investments: Our main building in Bangalore has been a great blessing to us for the past 15 years. Since it is a 4 storey building, some of our elderly folk and several people with disabilities find it extremely strenuous to use the 3rd and 4th floors. So after 15 years, we have decided to add an elevator to the building. The total cost of this project is $35,000 (USD/CAD/AUD). So far, we have raised 17% of the funds needed.
5. Staff welfare schemes: All of our staff work passionately for the cause of church planting! They do so because they have been “called” to serve alongside us. This is well demonstrated by the fact that they continue to passionately work for us inspite of very low pay rates in comparison to their peers in society. Raising individual support for their administrative roles at BBCM/REAP is not a prevailing practice in the local culture. Therefore, BBCM/REAP has to do it for them. We would like to hike salaries by 25% in 2014. This translates to raising an additional $15,000 (USD/CAD/AUD). In addition, we accrue 12% of their pay as a separate fund to be made available to them upon retirement. Currently, this accrual is under funded by 22%. We therefore need to raise another $16,300 (USD/CAD/AUD) to make up for this deficit.

Perhaps, the Lord leads you to support this endeavor, please contact Steve (steve@rintl.org). If you would like to know more about our special needs, please contact Samuel (samuel@rintl.org).

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