SON Program

SON stands for “Sponsor an Orphan in Nagaland.” This program was initiated by Sarah and Dave Glass after their 2008 Mission trip to Shihapumi in Nagaland.Their exposure to the Springbuds project in Nagaland open their eyes to our work among the abandoned children in the region. God moved their hearts with compassion and they felt compelled to be intentionally and actively involved in the project. Since 2008, they have been traveling every year to spend time with the kids and have led mission trips with several young people. They have initiated to raise support for the development of every child in the project. In 2010, they initiated the construction of “Stuckey’s Home,” to house the kids under permanent concrete building as opposed to the huts they were living in.

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Currently we need to raise $60 per child. This cost covers the monthly expenditures involved in housing, feeding, clothing, schooling and the spiritual development of each child. For more details about sponsoring an abandoned child through the SON program, please contact Sarah Glass (

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