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In South Asia is a densely populated region of the world. Quality higher professional education is availed only at a premium. As a result financial limitations often curtail the professional prospects of many deserving and gifted young people. This is one side of the reality that REAP trying to address through this project.
On the other hand, ingrained in the ministry philosophy of REAP Intl. is the self sustenance goal. We train our church planters and leaders to work towards self sustenance. We employ this project as a vehicle for self sustenance. As we believe that the benefactors namely the professionals that we help to establish would in-turn contribute to the self sustenance of some of the church plants that they may be a part of as well as our ministry in South Asia.
Pro Quest, as the name indicates is REAP’s strategy to bring about gifted professionals in the fields of engineering, medicine, business administration, finance & accounting, etc. to present opportunities to people below poverty line on the one hand and on the other hand to reinforce its quest for self sustenance. Since people availing such higher professional education and training will be recruited by establishments for a commensurate payment for their services, this would result in a substantial increase in their disposable income. This additional money at their disposal can be contributed back to the ministry needs of REAP in South Asia. Therefore, funds invested in this project yield a double dividend for the kingdom of God.

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