Training Center

Training Center, Bangalore

Training Center Extension, Bangalore: Budgeted Estimate $167000 The growing needs of our ministry has caused us to think about the expansion of our existing training center in Bangalore. Our admin office is presently crammed for room and many of our staff are just functioning from whatever space opens up for their use. We are desperately in need of more room. It gets even more crowded when ACPL students begin their classes.
We already have the land… we are waiting on funding to begin construction. We plan to have 3 levels… to house an extension of our student library (level 1), offices and guest housing (level 2), and residence hall for women students (level 3). Level 1 would cost us $65000 and the remaining levels would cost between $32000-$36000.
We have adopted a very specific focus on preparing women for women’s ministry in the country. This has caused us to plan for an exclusive residence hall for women. We intend to accommodate 10-15 women every year to be trained and sent out.

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