Primary School

Springbuds Primary School (Shihapumi)

Springbuds Primary School, Shihapumi: In 2015, we complete a decade of our ministry of child development in the remote parts of North Eastern India. At this point of time, establishing our Springbuds center in Shihapumi village is of prime importance as we seek to expand into other remote parts of the region. Keeping in view a more permanent infrastructure to protect our children and staff from unpredictably devastating weather conditions as well as wild life, we seek God’s providence to build a concrete structure that would house classrooms, principal and staff quaters, kitchen, dining area and a fellowship hall. This would build a community of 40-60 people being nurtured with Godly living and biblically principled social life. This structure is intended to educate and house kids between ages 4-10. Once they turn 10, they are moved to our Dimapur center for middle school and higher education and to avail social interchange with their peers in the more developed parts of North Eastern India.

Order of priority Budgeted $
School Classrooms 59,600
Toilets (School) 4700
Staff Quaters 50,500
Principal Quaters 17,600
Stuckey’s Home Extension 35,300
Total Cost of Primary School 167,700

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