Children’s Housing

Children Housing 01

Springbuds Center, Dimapur : Budgeted Estimate $53000  As you are already aware, we have the Springbuds home for abandoned children in the remote parts of the hilly North East India region. Our plan is to create more homes of this kind that will cater to the child development needs of abandoned children. Presently we have one site in Shihapumi village and would like to have another three in other remote villages by December 2016. Our long term plan is to raise such abandoned kids in these homes with schooling until grade 5 and thereafter, move them to Dimapur (one of the major towns) for higher schooling.
Children Housing 2This will help us to shape their lives in their formative years and then move them to the city to expose them to opportunities that they could take advantage of while still under our care… We anticipate that every year, we will have 7-10 children moving into the city of Dimapur. We need to house them and take care of them as they undergo their schooling in the city. For this reason, we have planned to construct a facility that will house these kids in Dimapur. We already have the land… we are waiting upon funds to begin construction…The projected cost will cover the construction of Kitchen, Dining Area, Dormitory (to accommodate 35 girls and 15 boys in their teenage / adolescent years) and the common toilet block that will have a male and female section. It will also house the wardens and the administrative office.

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