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In South Asia, education serves as a essential strategy in the eradication of poverty and the social upliftment of people paving the way for development to happen. The Edu Quench initiative essentially caters to childrens education up to high school. Most children in this part of the world are uneducated because of their parents inability to support their education. This results in social inequalities and also greatly contributes to child labor. REAP, therefore invests in this area to accomplish :

1. to show Christ’s love by presenting an opportunity that people below the poverty line who were deprived for generations.

2. an opportunity to engage with children of other categories of society so as to bring about an inter change of cultures, which is required for development

3. a chance to overcome poverty

So as is evident in the name of this project, Edu Quench is a project that quenches people’s thirst for better life from the clutches of poverty.

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