Our church planting work in Kandili village opened our eyes to an important social aspect of the community dwelling there that was for long neglected by the local governing body – Healthcare! There were no hospitals within a 50 Km radius. The only source of any medical aid came from untrained professionals with no credentials fraudulently posing as healthcare consultants. As per our research, this neglect was partially on account of ignorance and partially on account of its remoteness from any rapidly modernizing urban center.
Cosmos at Kandili We began to address this need by means of short-term medical trips bringing temporary yet periodic healthcare and medical aid free of cost. We are thankful to God for the various teams he stitched together from all over the world. These attempts brought to light the widespread prevalence of AIDS, cancer, and other ailments that an animistic community for long had interpreted to be the curses of their “unhappy” gods. We are currently developing a holistic community health program for the Kandili region (South of Bangalore) in Tamil Nadu, South India. This small town is surrounded by twenty three villages with a population of around 150,000 people, many of whom are poor farm laborers. Their health care needs continue to be considerably under serviced. And we are doing all we can to station a 24/7 medical center. By God’s grace and in partnership with servants in His kingdom, we have been able to raise a simple infrastructure for our longterm needs in this region.
Cosmos centre in Kandili
In consultation with the community we are searching for ways to provide ongoing funding to maintain the service for many years to come. In recent months we have been building new partnerships with several hospitals in Tamil Nadu. This enables people from Kandili who require further medical investigation and intervention to receive treatment closer to home and fits with our community model. Coscare is aiming to implement programs using the strategy of CHE (Community Health Evangelism) in how we plan for the future for a holistic and sustainable approach. We have received favorable response to our church planting efforts as a compliment to our healthcare drive – a confirmation that this project augurs well with the vision of our organization.

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