Church Planting Needs

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Reproducing evangelists and pastors is primarily for the purpose of discipling of the nations as required by Matthew 28:19-20. The discipling of nations should be pursued by the body of Christ as a whole. Inherent in this, is the need for indigenous reproductive churches. Not only do we need more churches, we also need to strategically plant them in areas least reached or unreached for Christ. Like Paul, we have been called to plant churches that eventually will be watered by others until the Lord comes. But for this to happen, churches need to be self-sufficient, self-propagating, self-governing and self-cultured by the end of the “planting” stage. When we deploy church planters, we do not have the agenda to make them permanently enrolled on our payroll roster. Rather, we want to be the stimulus by providing reasonable financial support on a monthly basis for 36 months. We do not fully cover all the financial needs of the church planter because we want them to start raising support through their church plant as well. Every 6 months, we reduce their support by 12-20% on an average inorder to encourage the church planters to raise the deficit arising thereof. In this manner we ensure that by the end of the 36th month, the church planter is fully supported by his church plant.

It costs us $150 per month to support a church planter, supervise his work, extend pastoral care, provide one-on-one mentoring and cater to research and development. This translates into an annual cost of $1800 per church plant. In keeping with our 100 church plants initiative, our goal is to deploy 100 church planters every year. This makes our annual budgeted cost towards church planting alone to be $180,000. Perhaps, the Lord leads you to support this endeavor and if you would like to know more about our church planting efforts, please contact

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