REAP is committed to human development in the context of the “Great Commission.” (Matthew 28:19-20) Since the Great Commission demands the “going” of those involved in it, every project that is undertaken by REAP, lays a great emphasis on this. We are here to reproduce evangelists and pastors as a means to achieve human development in a deteriorating world around us.

We at REAP strongly believe that human development happens only through transformation. A transformation that is divine and not restricted to an individual. We believe that Transformation is through the ministry of the church – the body of Christ. As such we lay tremendous emphasis on the plating of churches dispersed throughout the region inorder to bring about transformation of the people and the environment to ultimately yield human development.

By church planting, we mean the raising up of indigenous churches – ones that are self-propagating, self-governing, self-supporting and self-theologizing. We need the ministry of the church to come alongside the political leadership of the region in bringing about racial reconciliation, bonding ethnic boundaries and bridging the developing nations with the developed nation states. Through Church planting we not only seek to bond human relationships affected by our ‘falleness,’ but also bridge the separation of human with the divine through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our church planters build the kingdom of God by creating transformed communities that are patriotic, responsible, honest, healthy and most of all, enduring to actively love a lost and broken world around them. We want to transform the region inside out by sowing the seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the cities, the villages, and jungles and even among the tribals. We plant churches that are not restricted to four walls because transformation happens when the church is distributed in the community it serves.

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